Tuesday, 22 April 2008

... On a more serious note...

London mayor elections. What do you do if you're a born and bred Labour supporter but can't face Ken's growing kissy-kissy-face with the extremist tendency? What do you do if you're a committed and quite fervent smoker but can't (just CAN'T) vote for a jug-eared adulterous public school buffoon like Boris even if he offers a potential relaxation of the smoking laws? You can vote Green, which is a good idea all round, or LibDem (the party of the disgruntled ex-Labour voter), which has rather let itself down by fielding a fairly dull candidate. In either case you're pretty certain to see either of the above two clowns get in anyway. AAAAAAAAnyway. Does anyone know where I can buy cheap low-carb whey powder apart from ridiculously expensive health food shops?

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