Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Is tagging like a low-jack?

Just been tagged by Bookseller Crow so here goes.

Five things about me -

1) The only bone I have ever broken is my right middle toe, and bloody painful it was too. And surprisingly off-balancing.

2) I have appeared by accident on Thai TV (vox pop about Bangkok Fashion Week, and I muttered something cliche'd about beautiful silk) and the BBC News (vox pop again, I was asked how I felt about the smoking ban, I was in a pub with a cigarette in my hand, and Mr Fishwife thought I had given up. Busted.)

3) I secretly love the sound of pneumatic drills but only if they're not outside my house.

4) George Melly once leered at me and said "Well HELLOOOO there!". A long time ago, and we were both alive at the time.

5) I think rats are intelligent, resourceful, highly organised and maternal, and much maligned. But again, I'd rather not have them in my house. Better than mice or cockroaches though.

Since I'm new to this whole malarkey I'm going to tag the only 5 people I've ever corresponded with - The Poet Laura-eate, Brother Tobias, Nan, Lara (who won't reply ever) and Crockatt & Powell...


The Poet Laura-eate said...

Thanks Lucy, but it may be a while until my meme appears as I have a few postings cued up already, including another meme I was tagged with the other week!

Incidentally 'x no. of things about me', or 'x no. of favourite things' are fairly oft-used memes, so don't be surprised if you are tagged with the same subject more than once. I often think we should all try and be a bit inventive such as 'The contents of my fridge' (together with photo) or My Bookcase would be a good one! (again most effective with photo). I did one on My Bedside Cabinets a while ago, which was fun. a good means of cross-polynating bloggers anyway!

Lucy Fishwife said...

Rookie error.. I'm still gobsmacked anybody's reading me let alone tagging me! Will do fridge contents one day as really FAR more indicative of a person's character..

Brother Tobias said...

Someone was collecting pictures of people's desks, but I never got round to sending one of mine. (Probably couldn't find the camera on it).

So that's what tagging is. Thanks (I think).

JonathanM said...

Thanks for that. Sorry my tag couldn't have been more adventurous. I have to say though, that there are many in blogworld for whom a picture of the inside of a fridge might be more of a taunt.

Bookshelves I can do.

The Sagittarian said...

I have just wandered over here via Poet's blog. I am sure I'll be back. If thats ok. That is.