Thursday, 17 April 2008

Catch yourself on, love.

Oh the joys of "observational humour" - not. This morning I went to get my usual bucket of coffee at a nasty chain that shall remain nameless but who does, in their defence, make really good basic filter coffee. FIRST OFF there was a dog and a garish pink scooter, both unashamedly parked directly across the door. Not, I grant you, the dog's fault, so I climbed over both and went in. THEN there were four women debating at some length whether to have a venti penti cappufrappuccino each, or one between two, or a smaller size - in that kind of way where they block your access to the till without actually making use of it themselves. THEN as I left, armed with my very small filter coffee (I am frankly incapable of saying "venti" since it's just made-up coffee esperanto, and "grande" doesn't seem to mean large, it means small, apparently), one of the aforementioned women raced out, having spotted the traffic warden bearing down on her Porsche Cayenne, and screamed operatically at the top of her voice "OH PLEASE GOD NO DON'T!!! PLEEEEASE!!!!!", in the tragic, quavering, tones of Desdemona pleading for her life. The single most histrionic display I've been an unwilling witness to, and the fact that she was parked on a double yellow line with her hazards flashing added to the incongruity of the whole thing.
But why, after all, comment, when this kind of thing goes on all the time everywhere? There are quite often mornings when I don't want to tap someone on the shoulder and say "Is this your sense of proportion, you left it behind in the coffee shop" although it depends whether they've got between me and my coffee.


Brother Tobias said...

It's okay about the Travelling Wilburys. Really. (Oh, and it's okay about ginger too. Ginger people have more brain cells per square inch.)

Lucy Fishwife said...

I'm slowly allowing myself to admit to my secret love for the Wilburys but too many of my friends mock me openly in the street. Damn them and their pathetic cool-chasing? Who the hell are the Courteeners anyway???
Thank you for the kind words about gingerdom. We are far cleverer, and more sensitive, than those sad monochrome others...