Thursday, 17 January 2008

Behold My Domain!!!

One of the more fun projects for this year is the creation of a website for the bookshop, although like most long-range plans this consists of afternoons spent doing "research" trawling other peoples' websites and trying to come up with a name that's neither twee ("Book Nook" or vomitous similar) or offputtingly elitist and literary ("Lacunae" or other name whose swotty creator you'd gladly punch). the tiebreaker was "Uncommon Reader" which makes it sound like the sort of site you might find something unusual or previously unsung - which does what it says on the tin really. Don't rush off to check it out - so far we've just bought the domain name, at the vast expense of £6 for two years, and are practically wetting ourselves with excitement. Oh the thought of the swanky Aladdin's cave of beautifully-presented yum we will be attempting to foist on a public grown tired of the big chains. Oh the joy still to come of terminally falling out with my boss over whether to use Bookman Old Style or Book Antiqua for the default font... Sigh. Expect some form of online ribbon-cutting ceremony in maybe, ooh, June or whenever the kinks have been ironed out and we're no longer speaking to each other through politely gritted teeth ("The pop-ups were YOUR idea!!!").

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